theworksLA team

Omar Ureta

Past urban designer by day and civic hacker by night, now merging the two.

Omar works with data about all that is Los Angeles through maps, graphics and popular education. From identifying industrial facilities and their effects on communities to finding where all the tacos are in the city, there's many stories to share.

Priscilla Hernandez

Priscilla Hernandez is a Mexican-American Graphic Designer from Los Angeles. Recently receiving her BA in Psychology and Studio Art, she has had the opportunity to explore multiple art media under various lenses.

Her art and design reflect the faces and values of her community. As an artivist, she has had the opportunity to create visuals for the movement, tackling imagery regarding housing reform, eco-artivism and immigration advocacy.

As an emerging graphic artist, she hopes to bring culture, heritage and warmth to the digital world.


Data | Maps | Tools

Maps of then and now. Collaboration with John Urquiza for the LA County Arts Collective Memory Installation,

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Ghost Towns of Los Angeles

An interactive mapping and notification toolkit that identifies properties at risk of displacement throughout Los Angeles County, making it easier for tenants and community organizations to take steps to address these pressures.

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Graphic Design for Report

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Priced Out, Pushed Out, Locked Out - Liberty Hill

Data, Maps, Popular Education, and Workshops

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Mapping bus shelters across the City of Los Angeles and each City Council District.

Find them here

Now Approaching - Outfront|JCDecaux

Map of the Inland Empire for Dr. Genevieve G. Carpios published book on immigrants coming to the San Bernardino/Riverside communities.

Get the book here!

Inland Southern California - Collisions at the Crossroads, by Genevieve Carpio

Painters canvas for large hand drawn maps, everyone joins in

Projection Mapping - Eastside LEADS

Interactive map built for in-house planning and discussion

Pozole Mapping Tool - Eastside LEADS

A pin here, a pin there, hey I see my house

Community Asset Mapping - Eastside LEADS

To verify, revise and add to the collective knowledge

Groundtruthing Toolkit - PSRLA

Sometimes a computer screen wont do, even outdoors

Let's Find it Tool - PSRLA

Are you within 500ft of an autobody shop?

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500ft Webmap - PSRLA

A learning tool based on any neighborhood! Talk about all kinds of land use issues! Just mix in data

Land Use Game - PSRLA

Tiny homes made to stand out from the piles of flyers on tables

Little Houses

Made to assist a fantastic campaign's field operations and canvassing efforts

Pozole Mapping Tool - CA34 Congress

2.9 Million buildings in LA County, all by age

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BuiltLA Webmap

Physical model derived from plans kept at the Getty Center Archives, built at the Model Shop in Torrance

Neverbuilt LA : Griffith Park Nature Center - A&D Museum

Animated map showing how LA's boundaries grew over time, Soundtrack composed by Dan Wool for the exhibit

Windshield Perspectives: LA Growth Animation - A&D Museum


Maps and data visualizations exploring Southern California, one section at a time.

Just exploring data on Street Lights

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Just Downtown LA's Street Lights

What kinds of homes does LA have?

Lets find out

Housing Units Across LA

Sometimes ZIMAS needs to be simplified

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Not really ZIMAS

It's a bear who maps

Lurking in Github!

Maptime Bear

Prototype foldable stand, attach a projector and lift it up

Map Projection Stand

Exploring with LACITY Building Permits

Demo and Code

Building Permits with Plotly.js


email - omaru [at]